One of the best things about having wavy hair is the flexibility to style your locks in a variety of ways depending on your mood (or your outfit or the event or, you get the point). And for days when more defined curls are in your future, taking advantage of a flat iron is a great way to achieve whatever level of curl you’re looking for.
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We all have days where our hair stages a revolt, but sometimes wavy hair is greasy, lank and flat. You could be sabotaging your wave pattern, and you might not even realize it. Instead chalking it up to user error, take a look at your product use instead.
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How-To Use Xtava's 5-in-1 Satin Styler To Vamp Up Your Curls For Fall

Curly hair has a way of casting a magical spell during the fall season.

Enamored with sexy ringlets blowing in the wind, we designed our Xtava 5-In-1 Satin Wave with Temperature Control as the ultimate tool for curly-haired girls to vamp up their natural waves and for curl-enthusiasts to conjure up natural-looking, voluminous curls. Here’s a quick hack-worthy guide for creating a halo of enviable curls with our miraculous, and thoughtfully designed, all-in-one set.
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The Must-Have Tiered Top Knot For Natural Hair

Natural curly hair is often full of luster and texture, but sometimes those rich curls can get lost in your average top knot.

That’s where the tiered top knot comes in! By layering strategically placed ribbon across the hairline, at the crown and around the actual top knot—rich texture naturally become more apparent, while curls float high and proud on your head!
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