To the straight-haired girls who crave volume, the wavy ones with dry strands, the moisture thirsty curly types, and all the coily girls too: this is for you. Now we’ve created a line that every one of us can use. It’s nourishing, it’s healthy, and it will completely change your idea of styling.

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From straight haired to wavy and curly to coily, we’ve created a line that works for everyone. So let’s get to the root of your styling routine.

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The Allure Professional
Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

"Excellent Hair Dryer"

Albert K. Heaps

Pro Satin Infrared Flat Iron

"Leaves my hair soft instead of fried."

Jacqui E.

5-in-1 Curling Iron

"Never pick between curls or beach waves!"

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Inspiration and advice from Xtava Hair Xperts.


Want silky soft hair, but are unsure of which hair mask to buy? Looking for a new hairstyle to change up your routine? We’ve got you covered. Find the latest inspo in one easy spot.


You've got the tools, now we'll help you create the look. Watch and learn from girls with all hair types as they create beach waves, blowouts, and curls in minutes.