Camera Loves You

By Malgorzata Weglarz

Look good on Zoom Calls even if you’re lazy.

Let’s face it: everyone who has been to a hairdresser once, knows exactly that hair can make a big difference. You can feel like a Hollywood sweetheart or like a walking disaster. And now, more than ever, your hair can save your look on unexpected zoom calls. Forget about messy buns. Be professional and look professional (at least on your upper body - we do not have any advice for the lower part. Yet). Here are some tips that can help you look perfect.

Let me introduce you to your new best friend: a dry shampoo.

You have no idea how much of a difference it can make. You didn’t shower for… well, some time? Nobody’s gonna know! Put that powdery magic and then style it however you want. So fresh, so clean.

Here’s another one:
braid your hair.

Not only will it stop the mechanical damage from tossing and turning at night, but it will give you nice waves in basically no time. Unbraid it, give it a good shake, run your fingers through it and voila! If you have more time use a curling iron and just curl a few locks of hair on the front. Again, nobody’s gonna know!

But let’s say that you are working, eating and petting your dog all at the same time.


Suddenly your manager asks you to join the meeting. With a camera! What to do then? First, don’t panic. You have at least a few minutes (“it’s the weak internet connection - I’m so sorry!”). You have a few options: run through your hair with your fingers, make them smoother and tie into a high ponytail. For emergencies keep one Pin-Up Clip on your desk. Put your hair to the side and just pin it.

Sold out

Pin-Up Clip


The Perks Perfect for: Keeping hair sections separated as you style (without the dreaded hair tie dent)....

If everything fails, use a

It really doesn’t matter what kind of a disaster on your head you woke up with, a hairband will distract your callers from it. Go crazy with it: the more shiny, colorful - the better. Now go, make that good impression. And don’t forget to whip your hair back and forth when you’re done! :)

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