Coconut oil—the up and coming universal solvent, happy to hydrate your skin, serve as your culinary kitchen aid, and grease up those rusty hinges around your home. Truly doing it all with no exaggeration included, even when it comes to your locks...especially during the cold! 

Coconut oil has major effects on your winter hair, its health, and ultimately, the pursuit of your hair’s happiness! So when your mane is feeling dry, don’t let it sit and suffer. Quench your hair's thirst with a quick run to the store, purchase yourself a jar of raw, organic coconut oil, and get to work with some serious T.L.C. on those strands.

This D-I-Y coconut oil hair mask is simple, inexpensive, and really no work at all. Rich in fatty acids to moisturize your scalp and rehydrate your hair from the root to the tip. This well-known strand-saver penetrates the hair follicles deeper than any ingredient in your average, daily conditioner, making it a healthy, organic solution to hydration. Not only does it rid your locks of dandruff, but it also works to combat frizz and promote shine—peace out winter worries! 

To blast off your D-I-Y hair mask, begin by warming the coconut oil for easy application. Scoop 2-3 tablespoons into a small cup halfway submerged in a bowl of hot water—this will melt your mask. Then, massage the coconut oil through dry or damp hair (application is easier when damp), moving from the scalp, down the shaft, to the ends. Use a comb to evenly distribute the oil, always keeping in mind that if you wish to promote hair growth, pay extra attention to the roots, and if you are prone to an oily head of hair, begin application a few inches from the scalp.

Once the application is complete, tie your hair up, pop on a shower cap or cloth, and let it sit for 45 minutes to 1 hour. For ultimate hydration, feel free to wear the mask overnight, and once you feel satisfied, shampoo normally using extra hot water to remove any excess oil. If your strands are at their driest and need an extra “umph” of conditioning power, continue to apply tiny amounts of coconut oil to your ends and style as normal. Enjoy this amazing, at-home remedy for dry winter hair and feel your mane transform—moisturized, nourished, and with an added shine.

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