We all know it’s true—the winter months are not the most favorable season for your strands and can wreak havoc on your hair’s health. It’s the cold weather mixed with the immediate dry air of the indoors that can lead to unfortunate outcomes no girl wants to hear about—splits ends, breakage, static, and beyond. I know right? So, call the hair police cause this seasonal fight is going to be a bloodbath! The frigid air shows no mercy; thick, coarse, curly, thin, straight, or extra brittle hair types are all prone to the damage caused by harsh weather mixed with intense heat.

But good news—you don’t have to deal with it alone. Tackle this seasonal dilemma with Xtava! Try a few of our favorite hair tips to combat the cold, and keep your mane moisturized and happy all season long!

Shampoo Less—It’s That Easy!

To reduce the road to an itchy, flaky scalp, simply shampoo less! When you shampoo too often, it dries out the scalp and what’s that lead to? Annoying itch and flakes that really ruin your day, but also, inhibit your hair growth. Nuh-uh! So to keep your locks thriving and healthy, try shampooing once every few days to change up your usual wash patterns. Work to keep hair clean, but never weighed down with repeated shampoo shower sessions.

Leave-In Conditioner—Goodbye Static!

Ladies, do we suffer from static in the winter? Yes, and it’s horrible, but at least we’re all in this together! When you finally nail the perfect blowout and poof—you walk into the party and you’re a static-fanatic! Static is a major sign of dry hair, so be sure to regularly condition and for the extra layer of moisture, follow the treatment with a leave-in conditioner. Go for our Xtava Rich Leave-In Conditioner with aloe vera juice, jojoba oil, and pequi oil to intensely hydrate, nourish, and repair your strands this season.

You CAN be Frizz-Free...It IS Possible!

When it gets cold, your hair does all sorts of crazy things and frizzing the F out is definitely one of them! This happens because cold air contains less moisture. Essentially, when winter weather comes around, it dries out your hair and makes your locks feel brittle. A hair mask is your ticket here—go for our Deep Conditioning Mask to quench the thirst of lifeless hair. It has pequi oil with proven results of up to 34% frizz reduction and 36% curl retention when applied to hair—treat your strands with a buttery mask and our restorative ingredients.

Beat Dat Hat Hair!

    The trick to beating hat hair is really quite simple. First off, be sure to have completely dry hair before popping on your cap—this prevents flattening and that “coconut head” shape we all know, and DO NOT love. Go for wool or cotton hats as any synthetic fibers can cause static. And last but not least, keep some spare dry shampoo in your bag and give yourself a small dose when you enter the indoors. It will pump up the volume and give you that extra "umph."

    Icicle locks?...You Know What We Mean.

    Sick of the cold season turning your hair into icicles every time you walk outdoors? Yeah, us too. Precaution is crucial. Always be sure to give your hair a quick blow dry before walking outside and shoot it with some Heat Protectant Spray to prevent any damage. And if you’re really low on time, bring a scarf along, and wrap it right around your head to cover your hair, especially those ends.

    All in all, ladies, keep those lovely locks moisturized, protected, and always at their best—it may be the cool season, but keep your hair its HOTTEST. Avoid these 5 winter pitfalls by entering to win our Xtava Hot Tools, Cool Season giveaway!