April 1, 2016 5:57 pm

I’ll know I have made it in life when my bathroom vanity stops looking like a beauty crime scene.

I believe a key indicator of success is a hair and makeup situation that confidently says “I have been styled by the hands of Olivia Palermo”. Every product will look like it could be sold alongside fine jewelry, the marble countertop will gleam like an ice-skating rink, nail polishes will be arranged in a perfect ombré pattern like little soldiers of style; there will never be remnants of glitter makeup crusted in a ring around my sink. I will have a holder for my hair tools.

However, at this point the suggestion of decorating my vanity with even a candle is equivalent to proposing I perch a bowl of diamonds beside my sink.

Whether you’re at the Olivia Palermo stage in your life or the I-Store-My-Foundation-In-A-Ziploc-Baggie-Because-I-Lost-The-Cap stage we can all make a few posh upgrades to our primping station.

1. Mason Jars. Let’s face it: Mason jars are not going to die out. They are just too convenient, versatile and aesthetically neutral. They are also an insanely cheap way to store your makeup brushes or eyeliners. If you want to get really fancy, you can even spray paint them metallic and then brag about it on Instagram.
2. Clear canisters with sparkles. This is another option for makeup brush storage. Buy any of those generic plastic all-purpose boxes, fill it halfway with glitter or sequins, and stick your stuff in there.
3. Hang your hot tools. Cords are the eternal struggle, followed closely by clunky hair dryers taking up too much cabinet space. You could invest in a smaller dryer, or you could splurge for some hanging hooks. This doubles as space-saving storage and decoration if your hot tools are pretty.
4. If you want to step up your hanging hot tools game, you can also get creative with the storage. Try hanging baskets or even painted buckets or pails.
5. Trays. If you have luxurious looking makeup or perfume, put it on display! It’s easy to find vintage trays at flea markets or thrift stores. Freshen it up with a coat of paint or gloss, then use it to flaunt fabulous packaging.
6. Cake stands. This is another easy-to-find, chic-to-repurpose way to show off your favorites. Extra points for multi-tiered.
7. Mirrors. There’s no such thing as “too many” mirrors. Wall-hanging, standing, leaning. Buy them on the cheap at Ikea or World Market and then go ham in your bathroom.
8. Floating shelves. If you are working with limited counter space, floating wall shelves are a great option for organization.
9. Magazine racks or bookends. Palettes are so big right now. As in trendy, but also as in literally huge. You can use a magazine rack to keep yours organized, or try lining them up like books between two cute bookends.
10. Flowers and books. If you are already neat and tidy (lucky you) it’s time to graduate to décor. Vases of flowers, real or faux, are always a classic. Try perching them atop the coffee table book equivalent of vanities: the makeup book. Go for cover over content, because it’s not likely you’ll be using it as more than a pretty accent.
11. Candles. Scented candles can be the perfect finishing touch in creating a prime primping environment. Better yet, when they burn out, you can use them as MORE STORAGE!
12. Vanity lighting. This is essentially the samurai level of bathroom vanities. Flattering, fabulous and really, really screams “Olivia”.

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