xtava curling wand with .5-1 inch tourmaline ceramic  barrel

The Twirl Conical Curling Wand with .5-1" Tourmaline Ceramic Barrel


The Twirl Conical Curling Wand with .5-1" Tourmaline Ceramic Barrel

The Twirl has the thinnest barrel in our line of curling wands, making it the perfect wand for creating defined ringlets. Due to to its smaller barrel size you’re able to achieve a tighter curl, making it great for those who need a little extra oomph or whose hair can’t hold a curl for very long.

10.1 oz


The Perks

– Ionic ceramic & tourmaline technology for smooth, silky, and frizz-free curls
– 22 heat settings for different types of hair
– Temperature control: 200ºF-410ºF
– 60-min automatic shut-off function
– 8’10”, 360 swivel cord
– Barrel size: .5-1”
– Includes heat-resistant glove + travel bag

Watch & Learn

hair tutorials xtava

How to create a wavy, voluminous half-up hairdo

A tutorial for wavy or straight-haired girls. Hello Ariona

01. Start by prepping hair with heat protectant spray

02. Thoroughly work the product into your hair

03. Section hair by layer using Xtava Pinup Clips

04. Using the Twist Curling Wand select your temperature

Use higher temperatures for thicker hair and lower temperatures for thinner hair

Xpert Tip: Use the heat-proof glove to protect your fingers

05. Working in 1-inch sections wrap hair around the curling wand

06. Hold for several seconds and then release the curl

Xpert Tip: Hold the wand vertically for more natural-looking curl shapes

07. Continue working in 1-inch sections

Xpert Tip: Alternate directions when wrapping hair around wand

08. Use the Twirl Curling Wand on the top layer of hair; the smaller wand creates tighter curls

09. Select your temperature

10. Still working in 1-inch sections, curl the rest of your hair

Xpert Tip: Hold the curler upside down to easily slip curls off the barrel

11. Remove your glove and shake curls loose with your fingers

12. Using a fine-toothed comb, section and lightly backcomb the top layer of your hair

13. Secure the top layer with a small, clear elastic

Oh hey, perfect hair

hair tutorials xtava

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