Black Magic Auto-Curler with Ceramic Curl Chamber


Black Magic Auto-Curler with Ceramic Curl Chamber

Create bewitching curls with body, shine, and without breaking a sweat. The Black magic does all the work for you - no more keeping track of how long you’ve been holding a curl or twisting your wrist at odd angles in the name of style. Consider this instant-curl gratification.

19.8 oz


The Perks

Perfect for: Doing hair things with your hair
  • Total Control: The Black Magic Curl Machine lets you control temperature, rotation, and time per curl 
  • Simple Styling: Pick your settings, thread your hair through the slot and press Start. Voila! 
  • Ergonomically Designed: No more awkward angles. 
  • LCD display screen, integrated timer, choice of rotational direction
  • Temperature range: 370ºF-410ºF

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