Q: Why are you giving me free money to register my warranty?

A: We know this goes against everything Adulting has taught you. Here’s our thinking: if you have a solid warranty, you have less trust issues and hopefully feel comfortable coming back to hOme in the future.
So to answer your next question, yes, we are buying your trust.

Q: Is this one of those gift cards that expires?

A: No, you could pass this baby down to your great-grandchildren if you wanted to and are a really selfless person (we’re guessing you’re not).

Q: I don’t know you, and I don’t feel comfortable giving my email to strangers.

A: Trust us, we get it. Your privacy is not a joke to us. A joke to us is something like “What’s blue and doesn’t weigh much? Light blue.” That’s a joke. Or, “I bought the worst thesaurus. Not only is it terrible, it’s terrible!” Also a joke. Not a good one, but you get where we’re going with this.
In short: we take your privacy very seriously, and respect your wish not to share your email address with us. But we do want to let you know that email is a great way for us to give you the inside scoop on new stuff and exclusive deals.

Q: So, if I give you my email, what’s in it for me?

A: Free money! (if it’s part of your initial warranty registration).
Funny and good-looking emails.
Once in a lifetime opportunities (potentially).
The option to unsubscribe if you don’t find our emails funny or good-looking.

Q: If I keep buying hOme products, will you keep giving me money?

A: Basically. We won’t tell the bean counters if you don’t.

Q: Can I just register for my warranty the old-fashioned way?

A: We do have old-school website registration, but it isn’t set up for the gift card process. However, if you’re above monetary motivation, you can head on over to homelabs.com

Q: How do I get the gift card, exactly?

A: We send you a string of numbers and letters, and you copy & paste those to credit your account. Amazon.

Q: Is this warranty the same thing as Assurian?

A: Assurian is Amazon’s thing. This is our own, much cooler warranty that comes with cash money.

Q: How do I hook up my friends and family with this deal?

A: Anyone who has purchased a hOme product is eligible for this warranty offer -- just tell them to message us on Facebook.

Q: Who even are you? How did you find me on Facebook? What is happening?

A: If you’re not familiar with Facebook’s new messaging advertising tool, this probably seems a tad stalkerish. If a hOmie chatted you, it’s because you clicked on one of our ads to register your warranty and get an Amazon gift card. We figured this method was the easiest way for our customers to go through the process. We apologize for alarming you (with cash!)

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