Drink Pepsi, Nurture Eyebrows: The Cindy Beauty How-To

March 9, 2016 8:53 pm

Cindy Crawford turned 50 this past weekend, and embodied the cliché of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Though there may not be any hard evidence, I’m pretty confident Crawford emerged from the womb with those Power Brows and hasn’t touched them since. Which is impressive, considering her supermodel peers went through enough brow fluctuations, hair colors and questionable decisions in lip liners to single-handedly financially support the entire beauty industry (we’re looking at you, Linda Evangelista).

If you take a google image browse of Crawford, it’s almost impossible to differentiate between the throwbacks and the current pics. She has unlocked the code to timeless bombshell beauty; voluminous blowouts, natural brows, sun-kissed skin and simple makeup.

· The higher the hair, the closer to Cindy. You’d be hard-pressed to catch our girl without a voluminous blowout and some curls for added body. Blowouts give the illusion of fuller, thicker hair; a boost at the roots and some movement towards the ends work wonders at framing the face and highlighting the jawline. You can get the look with any of your Xtava hair dryers, a round brush and a set of large curlers. While hair is damp, work a volume mousse into the scalp. Working in 2-3-inch sections, use the round brush to pull hair taut, curling the tips inwards. Use a medium heat setting and high power on your dryer; once hair is no longer wet, secure the section around a large Velcro curler and let set. Once you’ve finished your whole head, spritz with some light hairspray, undo the curlers, flip hair upside down and shake it out. For added body, use your Xtava auto-rotating or large barrel 5-in-1 to curl the ends.

· Back away from the tweezers. Your eyebrows are super important; they balance your facial features, draw attention to your eyes and can even create a more youthful appearance. Because thick brows are so trendy right now, a shaping guide is a quick Google search away, but the general rule of thumb is that they should start just beyond the inner eye, at the edge of the bridge of your nose, and taper off just past the outer edge of your eye. Have fun playing with brow powder and gel; master the iconic Crawford 90’s brows by brushing upwards and slightly inwards with a clear gel, creating a feathered look, and filling them in with uniform thickness.

· Fake a flawless complexion. Laugh in the face of genetics. Maybe you weren’t blessed with that natural supermodel glow, maybe you’ve got some redness or fine lines happening; it’s nothing a tan can’t fix. Always remember to exfoliate before applying tanner, and allow at least 90 minutes for the formula to dry. Start with a light layer, because color will darken over time and it’s easier to get a bolder hue than subdue an aggressive tan.

· Highlight your features, don’t drown them. Makeup is meant to enhance our natural beauty. Take a cue from Cindy, and choose one feature to focus on, leaving the rest of the face subtle. If you really want to channel the classic Americana look, go for pink blush, mascara and a light berry lip.

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