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Black Orchid Hair Diffuser




Black Orchid Hair Diffuser

The Black Orchid Hair Diffuser is your secret weapon for taming curls or waves. Tease out your natural texture using the advanced 3D grips while simultaneously diffusing harsh heat and protecting your strands.
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16.0 oz


The Perks

Perfect for: Producing frizz-free, defined styles for thick or very textured hair.
  • Optimal 3D multi-pronged grip 
  • 360-degree airflow 
  • Preserves hair health and enhances natural texture
  • Compatible with 6” attachment circumference dryers

Watch & Learn

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How to master bouncy curls with the Xtava Black Orchid & Pink Peony

A tutorial for naturally curly-haired girls. Meet Dani

01. Start with freshly washed hair

02. Towel-dry hair

03. Mist hair with heat protectant spray

04. Distribute product and detangle hair using your fingers

Pink Peony Hair Dryer

Black Orchid Diffuser

05. Attach the diffuser to the hair dryer with a simple twist and push

06. Select your settings

06. Select your settings Start on medium heat; increase if necessary

07. Gather your hair into diffuser and begin drying

Xpert Tip: Use a lift and swirl motion pressing the diffuser deep into your roots

Xpert Tip: Make sure hair is completely dry to ensure lasting volume and springy curls

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