4 Ways to Make Your Wavy Hair POP with a Flat Iron

One of the best things about having wavy hair is the flexibility to style your locks in a variety of ways depending on your mood (or your outfit or the event or, you get the point). And for days when more defined curls are in your future, taking advantage of a flat iron is a great way to achieve whatever level of curl you’re looking for. We caught up with Bambi Sanders of Rudy’s Barbershop to get the tips and tricks to make sure you’re getting the most out of your flat iron.

  1. Use the right products: Before you even think about putting flat iron to hair, use a heat protectant, ideally before you blow dry. “Use a primer that detangles, adds heat protection and UV sun protection,” said Bambi. “After you’re done, use a salt spray to give your hair volume at the roots, texture for the curls and that gritty, undone, just spent the day at the beach feel.”
  2. Find the right technique: Like with curling irons, using a flat iron is all about proper technique to get the look you’re going for. “Hold one-inch sections of hair horizontally to the flat iron and wrap hair over-similar to curling a ribbon, and pull through to the end. For lots of curl you can curl close to the scalp but for undone beach waves, you can curl from midshafts to ends,” advises Bambi.
  3. Add some variety: “For a variation of curl, twist the flat iron vertically down the hair shaft twisting the flat iron until you reach the ends. Do one curl towards the face and the next one away from the face,” suggests Bambi.
  4. Wait it out: When you’re finished, it can be tempting to run out the door or run a comb through your hair, but patience pays off. Bambi agrees, saying “Wait until your hair has cooled down completely before you run your fingers through that way the hair will ‘remember’ the curl once it is cooled down.”

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