The Job

Sick of hair falling flat from your straightener? You ask for de-frizz and you get a de-everything. Nuh-uh, say goodbye to dull, pin straight hair and a big hello to our beautiful Xtava Steam Straightener, making your love for hot tools a whole lot hotter! Working wonderfully for all hair types, you can watch frizz go out the door and a new, glossy confidence shine from within.

The Logistics

So here’s the breakdown; to put it simply, this is a hair straightening tool, but the most advanced type possible. If you’ve seen professional steam hair straightener reviews, you’ll read that the straightener uses a water reservoir and hot steam to give hair a glossy finish. The steam works to straighten hair, provide ultra shine, and cause less damage than a traditional straightener. It’s to be used the exact same way as your average Xtava straightener, like the Xtava Infrared Flat Iron Hair Straightener, but water should be added, give or take every 15 minutes while straightening, depending on your personal hair length. Our steam straightener includes a storage pouch and water dropper, and its water reservoir is removable. 

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How to Use

1. Start by shampooing and conditioning as normal.
2. Towel dry hair and use our Heat Protectant Spray before any use of hot tools for an extra layer of protection. If you’re feeling impatient, give your hair a quick blow dry to speed up the process. For best results, wait until your hair is fully dry before straightening.
3. Split hair into sections when styling and fill the steam straightener with the required amount of water.
4. Set your desired temperature, choosing from two heat settings (350°F/450°F) plug it in, and let the tool heat. Our steam straightener has a 60-second rapid heat up. 
5. When you’re ready, start the steam straightener at the root and slide it through to the bottom of your hair shaft.
6. Style as you wish, whether you choose to flip ends out or in, create waves, or go fully straight.
7. Add a dose of our Shine Serum to finish your look for an extra "umph" of sheen, unplug your steam straightener, and put it away safely after cooling.

    Time to Shine

    You know that feeling when you leave the salon? When your hair is silky, smooth and you strut down the street. You’re practically Kate Moss, Chanel Iman, or maybe a long lost sister? No one can stop you and you’re feeling absolutely know what we mean. This amazing steam straightener hot tool harnesses the power of steam to silken strands and retain moisture. Loose ends will thank you and your locks will transform. With a quick run through your hair, tip to bottom, you can be runway ready, day-date rigged, or geared up for the grocery store. Nothing can stop you when you look and feel this fabulous.

    Steam Straightener Vs Flat Iron

    So you should know—there is a big difference between steam straighteners and regular flat irons when it comes to hair care. Steam straighteners are the new rage when it comes to straightening and they work just the same as an ordinary straightener. They use steam to straighten hair, which ultimately gives a silky, shiny look, but they offer more than just that. Instead of flattening hair between titanium plates, the steam straightener utilizes nanoceramic and tourmaline technology, as well as steam from the added water, to make heat. Occasionally, you’ll fill up the steam straightener with water and we recommend you execute patience. Place smaller pieces of hair between the plates for best results, but always remember, a steam straightener is SAFER for hair and gives better quality results and of course, SHINE! 

    Steam Straightener for Black Hair

    Our Xtava Steam Straightener works great for natural and black hair types alike. For best results, we recommend to wash hair as instructed above, comb out hair in the shower, apply a heat protectant spray for heat damage defense, give a thorough blow dry, and begin to straighten. Your best results will occur with slow, swift movements from the root to the tip, chasing with a bristle brush, like our Double Bristle Body Brush. If you feel you’re often refilling the water reservoir, this is normal and encouraged. Continue to fill as required and we promise, this will be one of your fastest, most efficient straightening experiences yet. Our steam straightener helps hair stay straight longer and reduce frizz and flyaways. If you have a coarse hair type, this is your ticket to tame and hold the sleek straightened look for as long as possible.

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