Spring has officially sprung! And after months of Netflix binge-sessions and hanging indoors, we’re finding that it’s not just our homes that could use a spring cleaning – our hair could use a sprucing up too. Between the heat styling, product buildup, and cooler climates, our tresses have been thrown through the ringer. So, in honor of warmer climates and the much welcome change of season, we’re here to help whip your hair back into shape.

First things first – how can you tell it’s time to detox your hair?

Rub the ends of your hair between your fingers. How do they feel? Super dry? A little filmy? Any of these sound like you, then it’s time to get to work.

For extremely dry hair:  

Try a deep conditioning mask.

It was winter, you either used heat to dry your hair or your froze – we don’t blame you. A deep conditioning mask is designed to help repair and reconstruct damaged hair. Look for a mask that has a higher protein count, natural oils, and amino acids. Basically, feed your hair the nutrients it's lacking. For an added boost in conditioning, we recommend looking into hair tools that help your hair’s condition. For example: exchange a regular flat iron, for one that conditions as it straightens. If you still use heat styling, you might as well benefit from it right? 

Try adding an oil rinse into your routine.

This method isn’t for everyone, but it’s excellent for girls who have poor moisture retention (hair that is so porous it doesn’t retain moisture no matter how much you might try, this sucks and we feel you). By rinsing with oil you increase moisture retention by dosing it with enough to penetrate the hair shaft and lock in moisture. To do an oil rinse, simply coat hair with oil between your shampoo and conditioner while in the shower, leave on for three to five minutes, rinse, and then continue with your routine. 

Befriend leave-in conditioner.

Unlike regular conditioner, leave-in moisturizes without weighing hair down. It’s lightweight, thinner, and protects hair from environmental and styling damage.

For lackluster hair:

Wash your hair with distilled water.

Tap water contains minerals that can harsh your hair’s mellow, man. This is especially case for ladies with hair that’s thin or weakened from coloring. Now, washing hair with distilled bottled water every time sounds a little extravagant, but once a week until some luster returns can make a difference. You can even fill up a bottle with distilled water for second day re-wetting to reset your hair’s natural pattern. But, if you find yourself doing this more than once a week you may want to look into purchasing a filter for your showerhead as well. Just saying.

Use a clarifying shampoo.

Product build-up can flatten and dull hair because it coats hair over time, creating a barrier that keeps moisture from penetrating it. An anti-residue or purifying shampoo (or mask) can help to get rid of all of that build-up and clean the slate. Adding a hair dryer that uses ionic technology can also boost your hair’s luster and condition as well.

When all else fails:

Trim damaged or split ends.

Trimming your hair actually helps it to grow. If your hair was significantly damaged over the winter months, or you find that it knots and has a ton of split ends, trimming your hair might be a good idea. By relieving your hair of the burden of damage, you promote stronger hair and can kickstart new growth.

At the end of the day, it’s only hair which means it will grow back. So don’t stress about the damage – just treat it with a little extra TLC, a fresh cut, or the occasional “spa day,” and it will bounce back.