Styles to Go from Pool to Party

It’s that time of the year again when everyone is officially over winter. In other words, it’s time for spring break! Shed your winter gear and let your locks hang loose on a tropical vacation. Whether you’re hitting the pool, beach, or backyard barbeque, we’re here to help your hair look flawless — and feel it, too.These runway-inspired styles take you from day to night without having to take time off from your, well, time off.

Slicked and Sleek

Isn’t this perfect timing for a wet ‘do to come into style? This look is super easy post-pool since you can actually start with wet hair: First use a generous amount of strong-hold gel and get styling, then slick back the hair close to your head. Finally either tie the rest up or leave it long and strong. If you want to add some soft waves, just use less gel on the longer pieces so they’ll still have a little bend.


Wet, slicked-back hair

[Source: Harper’s Bazaar: The Best Hair Trends for Spring 2017]


Braided Beauty

Let’s be honest, sometimes that beachy, windswept hair look really just means your hair is blowing in your face all the time. That’s why braids can be a lifesaver: Tame your hair with a looser knot style, since tight knots can damage dry hair (which yours might be after saltwater and UV exposure). Best of all, you can rock this look right off the sand to beachside dinner and drinks.




[Source: HAZHLEY & Tory Burch]


Wrapped Up

When you’re looking for maximum protection, scarves and wraps are the way to go. Protect against UV rays, wind, and water during the day, and/or look super retro cute at night. What’s not to like?


Colorful head wrap + head scarf  

[Source: SherrysLife & GetStyled]


Make sure you have a leave-in conditioner treatment waiting for you when you get back to reality. Your hair will appreciate it. For now, enjoy the vacay!