Now that the days are lighter and longer, it’s time to spruce up your hair so it shines bright in the extra sunlight. Read on for our Xpert tips on how to smooth out those locks for a silky, soft mane that’s bound to turn heads.

1. Wash with Care

    We’re talking quality over quantity. Water actually dries your hair out, which goes against all your hair-smoothing efforts. So wash sparingly, using gentle shampoos that won’t strip away natural oils. And remember to condition afterward! This will add any lost moisture back into your locks.

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    2. Choose Products Wisely

    Not all hair products are created equally. While you probably already choose products based on your hair type (such as products made for fine, curly, or natural hair) there are a few key ingredients you should avoid — and incorporate — across the board. Watch out for alcohol: this ingredient is super harsh and will strip away the natural oils you need for smooth hair. Instead, reach out for hair oil, using our easy guide to select the best one for you.

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    3. Style with our Secret Weapon

    We’ve saved the best for last. Combine the above steps with our Style Smoother Toolkit for the ultimate silky, smooth look. This kit includes an ionic dryer that lets you customize ion amounts, heat, and speed for maximum shine on any hair type, as well as one of our best flat irons for a finishing touch. Xpert Tip: Apply a heat protectant beforehand as an added layer of protection.

    Style Smoother Toolkit products

    Follow these tips and watch your hair transform to a bouncy, touchably soft mane. Shine on, girl!