Why Your Blow Dryer Settings Matter for the Health of Your Hair

Unless you want to go for the super-fried Einstein hair look, you need to protect your precious strands when you use heat.

Hair is made of keratin, which gets damaged when exposed to extreme heat, and when hot tools can get up to 450 degrees you can give your hair a total, literal, melt down unless you protect it.

First things first, never apply a hot tool directly to wet hair because the steam that tells you it’s working should also be telling you that you’re basically boiling your hair.

Instead, you can let your hair air dry before styling but if you don’t have time for that (and who does?) you’ll need to blow dry your hair until it is all the way dry. Before letting the dryer rip, use a heat protectant (they come in all forms now, mousse, serums, creams, sprays). When you are looking for a heat protector, make sure you scan the bottle to see what the temperature your hair will be protected to - and make sure it’s got you covered to at least 400 degrees.

When your hair is dry use your heat tool at the lowest heat setting you can handle and still get the style you are looking for.