Q&A Interview with Akihisa Yamaguchi, NYC Based Stylist

Every woman knows there’s a special bond between client and hairstylist. After all, you wouldn’t let just anyone touch your hair. The right stylist just… gets you. That’s why today, on National Hairstylist Appreciation Day, we’re celebrating one of our favorite stylists: Akihisa Yamaguchi. This guy has a unique, edgy look and has helped us create some styles for our very own Xtava Girls (like the ones below). 

See which tool was used the most during this shoot!

Read on to see more of his style and hear some wise words.

What does it say when someone changes their hair?

Personally, think it's meant to be a new start. Or even a lifestyle change.

How would you describe the bond between a hairstylist and a client?

The bond is personal. Over the course of many appointments, the hairstylist and the client develop an understanding of each other.

Have you always been interested in styling?

Yes, when I was little I saw advertisements of Shiseido by Serge Lutens. It was just incredibly beautiful and timeless. His work seemed as if they were old paintings. I hoped I could create something like this when I grew up.

What excites you about your work?

I can create something from my imagination. My work is heavily influenced by everyday people, poetry, and art. To me, this is the most exciting.

Has your work changed over the years?

My style hasn't changed very much since I started my career as a hairstylist, but once I learned new techniques, it allowed me to create higher quality styles. I believe it is very important we continue to learn, no matter our stage in life.


What trends do you foresee in the future of hairstyling?

I don't really follow trends. But I hope all people can define their character by hair. You don't have to follow the trend. You can find your own beauty anytime you like. Your hair texture, color, everything is beautiful and not like anyone else.

Hear that? Whatever hair type you have, rock it — it’s beautiful because it’s yours. Thanks, Akihisa, for spreading the love.