We’re all taking a good, hard look at the products we use and food we consume, to make sure we’re not compromising our health for beauty. But in this holistic approach to wellbeing, don’t forget that head to toe health actually starts just above your head. That’s right, your hair. Don’t freak out though! Maintaining strong, gorgeous locks is super simple — a few tweaks and changes to your normal routine is all you need to protect those strands.

When Washing: Chill Out

You have our permission to cut down on washes (and gain some extra free time). Moisture dries out your hair, and you actually want natural oils for protection. When the time comes to soap up, wash your hair in cold water — it seals the cuticle to prevent frizz.

Xpert Tip: Squeeze dry your hair with a towel afterwards. Bye-bye, breakage!


When Styling: Add a Layer of Protection

While heat and UV rays can damage hair, sometimes they’re just unavoidable. Just spray on a heat protectant before you style, or cover up with a hat or scarf on super sunny days (aka those beach trips we’re longing for).

Xpert Tip: Use a round brush when styling with a blow dryer. It’s way gentler, which means less pulling and tearing on your hair.


When Doing Your Thing: Eat, Sleep, and Relax

Make the most of your “me time” by incorporating quick hair hacks. Eat vitamin-rich foods to boost hair health, such as citrus, avocados (yum!), yogurt, eggs, and fish. Sleep on a satin pillowcase to lock in moisture - and when you relax, include your strands in a spa day. Indulge in a hair mask to go along with a face one, and get ready for luxurious locks.

Xpert Tip: We swear by pequi oil to condition curly or wavy hair. It holds them up instead of weighing them down!

You see? Keeping up with hair health isn’t that difficult. So enjoy that green smoothie as you relax, and show us your new, healthier ‘do.