Office to Gym & Back

Exercising is great. Unfortunately, if you’re squeezing in a quick sweat session during your regularly scheduled workday, you have to look somewhat presentable post-workout. So most of us are faced with the same question: what do I do with my hair now? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered.


Braids are great for during and after your workout. Whether it’s a single plait, pigtails, or more, is entirely up to you - and if you can’t french braid, that’s okay too.

If you choose to keep the braid post workout, we recommend using some clear elastic bands and possibly redoing (redoing what?) it if it’s gotten too messy - as it might look more crazy, rather than romantic, for the office. If you choose to take it out, you should have some really nice texture from the plaits, just make sure whatever you choose, that you hit your roots with a hairdryer, our Jet Set Travel Dryer is compact and easy to toss in your gym bag. Just add a little dry shampoo if you need more volume.


Pigtail french braids are excellent during workouts and provide great texture for later:

Pigtail french braids

[Source: Mr. Kate]


Switching up your side-part adds volume to a messy braid:

Side braid

[Source: Jason Merritt via Getty Images]


And Buns:

Like braids, buns can also produce some beautiful waves, plus they keep your hair off your neck. For those with super curly hair, you might want to use a satin covered scrunchie or headband to avoid breaking up the curl too much. The bun style you choose is up to you, be it low, high, or Princess Leia-style, you’ve got some options.  

Post-workout hair texture may vary, use your judgement on how to style. If you’re super sweaty, we might suggest using some leave-in conditioner and slicking your hair into a neat bun. Sweat can also be nature’s salt spray, which means you can use this as an opportunity to rock a big bun, we recommend hitting the roots with a hair dryer before you style, the Pro 2200W Dryer cuts drying time in half. For thick hair, we recommend tying your hair into a pony then twisting hair into a bun and anchoring with bobby pins (it just looks better, trust us). For thin hair, you can rock a cute topknot too, and if a few hairs stick out, that’s fine(it even looks a little more modern).


Let your curly hair add texture to your bun:

[Imaan Hammam via The Classy Issue]


When hair is too sweaty to deal, go for a sleek knot:

Sleak knot

[Source: Harper's Bazaar]


The key to a neat big bun: bobby pins.

Neat big bun

[Source: Vanilla Extract Blog


And Ponytails (oh my!):

Ah yes, the good ole’ ponytail - great in a hurry but tricky after a solid workout. During the workout you can go low or high with placement, then add the one-two punch of a cloth hair elastic and sweat-wicking headband - just make sure to keep it on until hair is completely dry, and use a hair dryer to speed up the process.

Now post-workout is where you must decide: commit to a slick pony or a textured one.

For a slick one, comb in leave-in conditioner, part hair as desired, and tie it back with an elastic. As a bonus you can wrap a small section of hair around the elastic and pin in place. For a textured pony, hit your roots with a hair dryer, then work in some dry shampoo with your fingers, feel free to add some more waves with a curling wand too (we like the oval barrel of the Twirl). Gather your hair, loosely, and tie back where you’d like your pony to sit. Feel free to pull some hair around the crown and sides to add volume and a little messiness, spray pony with texturizing spray or dry shampoo, and back-comb your pony for more texture.

Some leave-in conditioner and a deep side part is all you need:

Side part

[Source: Leibowitz Pictures via Glamour]