Hair Dusting: Keep the Length, Ditch the Split-Ends 

Growing hair out requires patience. For those who have damaged or extra fragile hair, where every inch is hard-won, it’s difficult to part with any length amount, even when it’s just dead-ends. So how exactly do you keep your hair healthy and at the exact same length? Hair dusting.

So, just what is hair dusting?

Well, hair dusting is not necessarily new, but it seems to have made a comeback (perhaps in part to the rise of the oh-so-lovely lob). The hair-stylist smooths down your hair in order to allow the bad hair tips and split-ends to pop up, then carefully uses scissors (or a razor) to cut off the damaged tips. Simply put, you get rid of damaged hair without losing the length. Genius, right?

But before you race to the hairdresser, there is an aspect of this technique that deserves noting.

Hair dusting only works if you do it regularly — we’re talking every four to six weeks. That can get annoying for those of us who usually get a haircut three times a year. Yet, what makes hair dusting so effective is the frequency, because it keeps split ends in check and saves you from losing length in the name of hair health.


Still want to try it? Great.  

But wait, there’s (a little) more...  

In order to make hair dusting really work for you, we recommend incorporating a healthier hair routine. For some, it might mean cutting back on the heat-styling to once a week, or altogether for a little while. For others, it might be a weekly hair treatment, like a deep conditioner or hair mask. It all depends on the current state of your hair and what it needs to be healthy. But, by pairing up regular hair dusting sessions with a healthy hair regimen, the growing-out process should feel a whole lot easier. It’s nice to know that when patience is not your virtue, you’ve got options.