Seasonal Hair Care:

5 Ways to Rock Winter to Spring Hair

Are you as over winter as we are? Then lose the coat and dive head first into spring with confident, luscious locks. We’ve got the hair care tips to help maintain healthy tresses while you show off what your winter hats have been hiding.

1. Let Loose

Speaking of hats — it’s time to hang those things up. Play around with style and rock some upcoming spring trends, such as a sleek, slicked-back ‘do, an elegant pony, or even an upside down braid. For those random chilly days that don’t quite live up to springtime temperatures,try loose, tousled waves — their perfectly imperfect look will last even if you need to throw on a light hat every now and then. Our Twirl Wand is perfect for that look. The wider end of the barrel makes long, loose curls that shake out into a cool, casual look.

2. Swap Shampoos 

The pros exchange moisture-retaining shampoos for lighter ones around this time of year. Think: products made for “normal” hair as opposed to “dry.” While rich shampoos help combat winter static and frizz, they can actually weigh your hair down during warmer, more humid months. Think about cutting down on the frequency of leave-in conditioner treatments, as well.   

  • 3. Spring Clean Your Hair
  • We swear by a trim now and then to freshen up, since split ends run the risk of breaking further up the hair shaft. If you’re loving your length and can’t bear to part with it, ask about hair dusting — it’s like a trim that leaves the length by only cutting off the split ends. Go ahead, you deserve it.

  • 4. Brighten Your Locks
  • Sunny days are the perfect inspiration for hair color. Try something oh-so eye-catching such as rose gold, white hot platinum, or a beautiful balayage. If you’re not feeling dye, dress up your ‘do with an accessory and shine on!


  • 5. Air dry
  • Wet hair in winter is just a huge NO (eek!). But soon, warmer temps will give you the green light to air dry. Give yourself, and your hair, a break from blow dryers so you can soak up those fresh spring breezes. Feeling soft waves or curls? Twist, coil, and pin your hair while wet, for a killer look when dry. You really can have it all.


    Although it doesn’t technically feel like spring everywhere, maybe it will if your hair is ready for it. That’s how seasons work, right?