How-To Use Xtava's 5-in-1 Satin Styler to Vamp Up Your Curls For Fall

Curly hair has a way of casting a magical spell during the fall season. Enamored with sexy ringlets blowing in the wind, we designed our Xtava 5-In-1 Satin Wave with Temperature Control as the ultimate tool for curly-haired girls to vamp up their natural waves and for curl-enthusiasts to conjure up natural-looking, voluminous curls. Here’s a quick hack-worthy guide for creating a halo of enviable curls with our miraculous, and thoughtfully designed, all-in-one set.







The trick to using our satin set of five professional interchangeable tourmaline ceramic barrels to create varying “born with it” curls, is to switch up the rods to create natural looking curls.

The first step is to select the type of curl you want for each section of hair. We chose the 1.25” barrel to create a sea of bouncy, face-framing curls.

 Look at that curl. Isn’t she pretty?!


Notice we wrapped the hair around the wand without using the clamp to define our curls and keep them looking spirally and luscious.


The trick is to angle the curling rod vertically, to create varying spring-y ringlets and looser shaped “s” waves. A pro tip is to vary the amount of hair and time you leave your hair wrapped around the rod to create the most natural looking curls. This technique is ideal for creating different dimensional curls and waves.



Next, we used the coned 0.3” to create tighter ringlets for more defined curls around the face. Remember, if you already have curly hair, you don’t need to curl every strand, just define key areas to remove frizz, dress up and punch up your curls,




Keep rotating the curling iron vertically upward and downward to create curls that will bounce in a natural fashion and catch the light of the autumn sun.

Next, give the 1” inch rod a twirl to add another curl dimension to the mix.The trick is to keep changing up your curls, angles, and rods to create natural movement within your curls.



Shake up your curls and angle your strands to deep side part to create further drama…and bounce!


BAM! Killer curls! Now let’s add a deep, chunky non-traditional braid to really elevate our fall look.

Umm…dare we say we’re in L-O-V-E! Tell us how you use your Xtava 5-In-1 Satin!


Hair and Concept by Maritza Buelvas

Photography by Jennifer Coffey

Model Lindsey