Coachella: the kickoff to summer, according to Instagram. And just as we do for award show season, we’re making bets on what trends we’ll see gracing our social feeds in the weeks to come. The great thing about Coachella-style is that it’s not only doable, but you can also count on it to be trending in summer as well. So, whether you’re staying home or lucky enough to have a ticket, we’ve got your hairstyle predictions covered:


Headwraps Galore

A tried and true “bad hair day” coverup, we’ve seen this trend at fashion week and previous festivals. The recent take on this style has been more surfer and less boho, but we think you can get away with either approach. The best thing about this style? It keeps you cool and you can rock second (and even third) day hair and no one will be the wiser.

[sources: @naturallycurly instagram & Taylor Hill]

Psssst! This page has a few great tutorials for headwraps.


Jeweled Headpieces

These headpieces are nothing like the crown you wore on your birthday that one year, they’re a lot more free-form. We like the idea of wearing a delicate chain on the back of your head to add a little surprise sparkle or maybe throw some crystals somewhere (we love crystals). Just a style hint  you’re at a festival, not prom.

[sources: CraftHub & @brittanyjoneshair IG]


Pierced Braids

This is like the previous trend but slimmed down. How to best describe it? It’s as if someone pierced the loops of your braid (don’t worry, it’s not permanent). We’ve seen it on a few celebs as well in fashion, we’re guessing we’ll see it in Indio too.

[source: @aurelia_carnets IG & @samanthacusicklondon IG]


Just Braid It

It seems as if braids are always in style, but there’s a good reason: they look good and keep your hair out of the way. Right now we’re feeling some double dutch braids or a braided crown. And though it might take a little practice (check out Youtube for tutorials), once you master them you’ll want to wear them all the time. Trust.

[sources: Mane Addicts & Nasty Gal Blog]


A Simple Pony

If the other hairstyle feel fussy, then keep it simple with a classic. Ponytails are easy to pull off and, with a few tweaks, can be adjusted to suit whatever function you’re attending. This past NYFW we saw tons of low ponys, looking incredibly chic. But if you have a ton of hair or you don’t like it on your neck, just go high. We recommend using a round [insert link] brush and hitting your roots with a quick blast from your dryer, such as the Allure Pro, to tame frizz or pump up the volume.

[sources: Harpers Bazaar & Getty via Elle Magazine]


The 70's Shag

It’s edgy, sexy, and dare we say, easy to pull off: the shag has somewhat replaced the beloved lob. What makes it a great cut is that it looks fantastic with curly hair and straight hair alike. We especially like it with some textured bangs. Get it, girl.

[sources: Unknown, Pinterest Search & C-Heads Magazine]


Like we said before, these are just our guesses for the hairstyles we’ll see at Coachella this year. And though Queen Bey won’t be performing, we’re sure Lady G and the rest of the lineup will make it an amazing weekend. We’ll see you on the flipside. ;)